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National Bid Network Corporation (NBN) was founded by a group of former government and military employees, government lobbyist and contractors. NBN) is located at 8304 Colesville Road, 10th Floor, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 and has satellite offices throughout the country. NBN has customers located throughout the United States and our mission is to provide common sense, user friendly research tools, business training, coaching and consulting services for our customers contracting and business development success. National Bid Network is quickly becoming one of the main providers of government procurement, and business development procurement information in the country. Our customers range for small businesses to large corporations, as well as government subscribers. With government budgets shrinking, there is even a greater need for user friendly online tools that can give companies the competitive edge. NBN’s All Access to proving to be one of the tools of choice.

For businesses that are currently doing business with the government or businesses attempting to enter the government space, NBN gives your business the “NBN edge".  NBN is unlike other major Government contract acquisition firms as we take a multi-faceted approach. NBN provides the most federal contracting data available anywhere in the world, via our National Bid Network “All Access” product. A Unique service that provides your business with:

•Every federal government bid in the world from one location (not just FedBizOps).  All Access also has thousands of state and local bids. Not only are the bids available, but the member's specific opportunities are emailed to you daily

 •Although in many cases, having access to all bids may not be enough to gain the business. This is why All Access provides your company with the best indication of what opportunities are coming up before the RFP is actually released

 •NBN also provides your company with all National Stock Number (NSN), parts and product inventory, complete NSN award history sorted by:  NSN/NIIN, contractor, agency, and more.  Our NSN inventory also includes:  NSN forecasts, NSN market analysis, commercial parts number conversion, mil specs, commercial standards links, and much more... We also have the largest drawings library in the world, all translated to PDF.  One of the major benefits, besides open and forecasted opportunities, is that we provide your company with every part sale made by every company, price, quantity, date, etc... In real time.

 •In addition, because All Access has contact information on every Contracting Officer, Specialist, and many of the Program Managers in the federal government, your company will now have the ability to contact the customer during the bid creation process.  In many cases, the buyers depend on the supplier to provide the expertise to create a proper RFP.  The suppliers who are a part of that process are the ones most likely to win the bid as well as other bids coming from the same Contracting Officers

 •National Bid Network provides you and your company with all of the tools and vital training needed to successfully and continuously win both public and private sector business. Why private sector business?  All Access gives you the database of every potential and existing government contractor in the world (approx. 700k businesses).  All Access includes information such as annual revenue, number of employees, current and previous contracts with the federal government, and much more.  This can be a huge B2B generation tool.  It is the perfect partnering tool.  It is also a great method to determine which competitors and distributors have what contracts in your industry.  This database can be used to locate qualified sub-contractors, prime contractors, and suppliers anywhere in the country or world.

These are only a few features of NBN’s All Access system. The true benefit is realized in the immediate results that your company will receive upon use.

National Bid Network provides your company with the necessary training and support needed to receive maximum results from your business development efforts.

NBN combines the finest tools with the largest, most accomplished group of consults and attorneys in the nation all to “assist businesses in the acquisition of more contracts now”. Throughout the process, NBN provides the finest personalized service from start to finish so that we get to know your business and “leave no stone unturned. We help good companies grow through government sales. Whether your business is a small or a large firm, we prepare you for the Federal buyer and ensure you are differentiated from the competition through in depth competitive, market and strategic analysis. We truly understand and link the principles of efficient business and government. NBN implements all the elements necessary to make you successful in the largest marketplace in the world.

We prefer to work with firms who have moved beyond the basics and are ready to get serious about developing or increasing their Federal market opportunities. Succeeding in this arena requires a focused effort up front to unravel the red tape. We competitively position your company by taking a unique a multi-faceted approach. NBN provides the most federal contracting data available anywhere in the world, with personalized training and support, giving your business the knowledge to leverage the largest database in the world to gain more government business. Simply stated, if you want to sell your products or services to the Federal Government NBN will help you win.